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Bran-new woodblock prints are all handmade and delivered directly from Japan

small size





World Wood Day



Natural Japanese style tatami mat becomes a picture frame of Ukiyo-e

We have developed a completely new natural Japanese-style tatami frame.
In collaboration with modern tatami craftsmen, we use real materials to make tatami mats.
A magnetic sandwich is used to fix the ukiyo-e print so as not to damage the tatami mat.
It can be used for all our small and medium-sized ukiyo-e.
This is a new proposal product that is a collaboration of the Japanese style ukiyoe and our tatami frames!


A new era of legacy drawn by traditional woodblocks

The Imperial Palace Double Bridge gives people a landscape that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
It has become a staple of school trips and sightseeing in Tokyo, and in recent years overseas
It is a famous tourist spot for tourists. In addition, the beauty of the stone walls and stone bridges is world-class. It is a work of art and a landscape that represents Japan.
With the traditional technique that continues from Ukiyo-e, the landscape is I made a woodblock print precisely. In addition to various techniques for faithful reproduction
A design that marks the footsteps of the Reiwa era has also been added.
It is a traditional woodblock print of the new era.

Imperial Palace Double Bridge


Traditional woodcut goes to the fantasy world

In the clear cool air, the street corner shines brightly
The light leaking from the show window and the light from the neon signs add light to the illuminated trees.
A romantic snowy night in Sapporo, with severe cold
This is what I tried to express with a traditional woodcut.

Sapporo illuminations night view


World Wood Day2017 – Los Angeles

We recently had the pleasure to got invited by the IWCS (International Wood Culture Society) to show our work live at the World Wood Day 2017 in Los Angeles.
After the event was done, they provided a detailed video what we would like to show you.

For further information, please klick here.


Traditional woodcut prints equivalent to Ukiyo-e, although small

 Woodblock Print of Greeting Card

Because it is small, you can use woodblock prints as greeting cards!
Even with a frame attached, it looks good.
Now we also have a compact series of products.
Traditional technique that continues from Ukiyo-e!
although small and completely handmade.
The design is Ukiyo woodcut original. There are no other similar products.
Cause of the small size, we were able to make a very reasonable price for such high quality!


Mt. Fuji 2020, Oasis 21 & TV tower, The Nagoya Castle, The Atsuta Shrine, Juman-Tsubo Plain at Susaki, Fukagawa


Welcome to modern times Ukiyo-e at Nihonbashi !

Nihonbashi Night View


A long time ago when Tokyo was called Edo,
Nihonbashi was a center of Edo.
Many Ukiyo-e artists such as Hiroshige, Hokusai, Hasui have made Nihonbashi a subject for woodblock print (Ukiyo-e). But, in these latter days, it was covered with steel reinforced concrete.
Tatuharu drew a picture of the real Nihonbashi that found artistry in such a scenery. And, His design become the modern times Ukiyo-e through Shokunins (Super Technicians) taking over traditional woodblock print technic since Edo period.

Nihonbashi Night View




Introducing the first produce of Ukiyomokuhan !!

Kaidan National Road

Our first produce is "Stair Lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki"
designed by Okamoto Tatuharu, digital woodblock artist.
Here is Tappizaki in Tugaru located at the north end of Honshuu
island in Japan. The Route 339 at the cape of Tappizaki have
unique sightseeing place which have a stair lane impassable
for vehicles even though National highway.
The sunset is represented very beautifully using Japanese
traditional technic of woodblock print.
It also have a nostalgic feeling which makes you remember
the old memory when you are child.


Stair Lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki




The 2nd NEW product is the Beach you have never seen before in woodblock print

Lively White Beach at Shirarahama in Kishuu Heisei famous views


This is the 2nd NEW product produced by Ukiyomokuhan.
Here is Shirarahama beach in Wakayama prefecture in Japan.
This is one of the works in Kisuu series drown by Tatuharu Okamoto,
"Lively White Beach at Shirarahama in Kishuu Heisei famous views".
A lot of beach umbrellas are represented very detail and delicate carving, of course, 100% hand making.
The gold and platinum powders are used to represent sand situation on the white beach, that is a special technic of Shokunin.
This is the ambitious new woodblock print you never seen before.

Lively White Beach at Shirarahama in Kishuu Heisei famous views



"Ukiyomokuhan will send you amazing impression and pleasure"

Our company "Ukiyomokuhan" will provide Woodblock prints which is Japanese traditional industrial arts for the peoples all over the world.
Wood Blockprints will make you enjoy with amazing impression you have never experienced in any other arts.
Our Woodblock Prints are designed for present world (Ukiyo) in each eras since 200 years ago until now. We guarantee 100% handmade and 100% made in Japan as it is made by super technician "Shokunin" using Japanese materials.The design object will not be only for domestic in Japan, we will extend to other countries.
And, we will create any other kind of designed Woodblock Prints, not only for landscape view. This handmade Wood Block is caved to very detail but printed to very grand, and it have high artistic potential you cannot experience in any other arts. Even though that, we will sell them in low price because we would like to many people can enjoy it as much as we can. We think you can make your relationships happy, if you give the Wood Blockprints to them for the gift.

We are also happy as we can provide the high quality artistic Japanese products for many peoples all over the world.

川崎 章治 (Kawasaki Shoji)


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