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Our frames for our traditional woodblock prints

Tatami frame

In the Edo period, when ukiyo-e was born, Japan did not have a culture of putting paintings in frames.
After the Meiji period, it became common for Ukiyo-e to be put in Western-style frames, but if frames were made in the Edo period,
what kind of things were made? Based on this idea, we have developed a new pure Japanese-style tatami frame that has never existed before.
We have developed a new sandwich structure frame made out of tatami what hold the ukiyo-e by magnetic force to not damage the tatami surface.
This is a totally new product that collaborates with pure Japanese style ukiyo-e and tatami frame. It can be used for small and medium-sized works.

The tatami mat is surrounded by tatami edges to create a frame while preserving the image of the actual tatami mat.
Both the tatami facing and tatami edge are made by tatami craftsmen using materials that are actually used in tatami making.
The tatami mat is made from Japanese paper, which makes it difficult for mold to adhere.
Cause of this, there are no customs problems for overseas!

As a method to fix the work without damaging the tatami facing,
We have developed a new sandwich structure that uses the power of magnets embedded in the front and rear mats to sandwich and fix the work.

Since it is fixed by a magnet, it can easy be adjusted up and down, left and right, and tilted.
In addition, since the full-surface mat has a pocket structure,
You can also remove the woodblock print, easily.




*This product is only for small and medium-sized woodblock prints.


Trini-style frame

The Trini-style frame is a card-sized woodblock print paper frame with three functions of standing, hanging, and sending. Named "Trini Style" from the three-in-one specification, this new product was developed as a new style of woodblock print that can be enjoyed three times at once.



1: Stand it

The back side is the enclosed card,
and looks like a rising sun.
Remove the included card and
Open the back on the right and on its edge
The frame can be used horizontal and vertically.

2: Hang it

Open the left and right site on the back and
remove the four claws on each corner.
The main unit and the stand will be able to separate.
With the Hook on the back of the main unit
you can hang it with a pin to the wall.

3: Send it

Open the enclosed card,
enter your message,
close the card and put it inside
the folded frame, and close it.
Use the included envelope
and send it as a greeting card.

*This product is only for small woodblock prints.


Classic frame

As a regular frame, we offer a wooden frame with a dark brown outer frame.
Depending on the size of the work, you can choose from three types: large, medium, and small.


 [Selectable outer frame shape]
The outer frame of the frame can be selected to be rectangular or round.
Please select one when purchasing. (default: square)


・We will decide the color and cutting of the frame mat according to each work.
Due to this work, shipping may be delayed by several days.
・ If the screen size of the work does not fit in the three types of frame specifications, it will be adjusted to each size.
We will create a matching frame for you. At that time, we will decide the color and material of the outer frame.
Thank you for your understanding!