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Stair Lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki

Stair Lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki
$298.00 each Width: 23.8 cm
Height: 34 cm

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Here is Tappizaki in Tugaru located at the north end of Honshuu island in Japan.
The Route 339 at the cape of Tappizaki have unique sightseeing place called “Kaidan Kokudou”. In this place, the road is Stair lane impassable for vehicles, even though National highway. It is represented the view from the place in sunset ocean and sky, very beautiful with traditional woodblock technic. “ How do these kids feel watching the north ocean getting dye orange? They may miss their family when they feel the twilight…”
This is also such a nostalgic art which makes you remember the old memory when you are child.


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