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Stair Lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki


Such a woodblock-print you have never seen before!


This video is procedure how to
make woodblock print which is
the first product of our company,
Our products are made by Shokunin
who is super technician taking over
Japanese traditional technic since
200 years ago.
It is completed through a lot of
handmade processes, and these
delicate and fine works are making
amazing characteristic you have
never seen in any other kind of arts.


Here is Tappizaki in Tugaru located at the north end of Honshuu island in Japan.
The Route 339 at the cape of Tappizaki have unique sightseeing place called “Kaidan Kokudou”. In this place, the road is Stair lane impassable for vehicles, even though National highway.
It is represented the view from the place in sunset ocean and sky, very beautiful with traditional woodblock technic. “ How do these kids feel watching the north ocean getting to be orange? They may miss their family when they feel the twilight…”
This is also such a nostalgic art which makes you remember the old memory when you are child.
SIZE : W 23.8 / H: 34.0 (cm)

US$ 298 each



The sunset ocean wave is represented by Horishi technic with very delicate, but very boldly.
You might think it is impossible to carve woodblock by hand to make it.
But, it is actually existing the unique world in woodblock using the amazing technic by hand.


Surishi has special gradation technic to describe the sky turned to red, and for Green color in leaves and trees.
Surishi make it possible due to print several times superpose.


According to traditional production technique in Japanese woodblock print, it is made by three persons working together.
One is Eshi who is artist to draw picture. Two is Horishi who is super technician to carve woodblocks.
Three is Surishi who is super technician to print from the carved woodblocks.
Let me introduce Eshi, Horishi, and Surishi who engaged for this production as follows.


Eshi: Tatuharu Okamoto

He was born in Kyoto in 1964 and lives in Kyoto.
In 1997, he invented a digital-art by his original technic, produced with the point of freehand drawing carefully on a Washi (Japanese traditional paper), making full use of PC, digital camera and printer.
He is the painter who is unique in the world, as he can draw the world of the Ukiyo-e using the modern latest tool, while having his opinion “Ukiyo-e should not been antique”.
From childhood, he was highly influenced by Ukiyo-e, especially Hiroshige Utagawa’s landmark pictures.
And, he has the view of world should be called “Hiroshige of the Heisei era”, warm and slightly nostalgic style are his characteristic, even representing modern landscape.
As he is also very interested in traditional technique of woodblock print by Horishi and Surishi, it was able to become the woodblock print from his representative work “Stair lane on Route 339 in Tugaru Tappizaki”.


Horishi: Senrei Sekioka

He was born in Tokyo in 1957 and lives in Arakawa, Tokyo. Senrei is his professional name, his own name is Yuusuke.
He was born in family of the Surishi, but his father of 2nd Senrei recommend to become Horishi.
So, he has become a pupil of Horishi master: Hanbei Okakura 7 years since 19 years old.
As he has high technique with 38 years long career, not only he can carve on the original picture faithfully, but also he can carve very creative making up for the sweet line of the original picture.
In this work, the situation of the sea wave is expressed beautifully by his technique.
He is challenging carving work actively not only for classical design such as a Ukiyo-e, but also for modern design such as Shin-Hanga and Modern Hanga.
He is also making effort for the education of the pupil for the next generation’s Horishi.
So, he was given the professional name “3rd Senrei” on October 2013.


Surishi: Yuusuke Hayashi

He was born in 1980. He is a super technician belonged to S.Watanabe Color Print Co.
He had learned wood carving art at Traditional Arts College of Kyoto, but he has engaged in Surishi since he entered the S.Watanabe Color Print Co after graduation.
He has 7 years career, and he has obtained high technique for Surishi.
S.Watanabe Color Print Co is famous for publisher of Shinhanga represented by Hasui Kawase.
A lot of Surishi’s printing techniques including gradation and roughish are used in Shinhanga.
In this work, this gradation technic is made use of red color in sunset sky and Green color in leaves and trees.
As he is belonged S.Watanabe Color Print Co., he can make use of the expression method.





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